Take your wellness to a whole new level

Are you ready to take your wellness to another level?

Whether you want to take a moment to yourself and your wellbeing, improve your life style while enjoying the ride or develop as a real wellness professional, you will find appropriate services and trainings from us. With inspiring and professional classes and coaching you will put good principles into practice and feel like actualizing them.

Weekly classes

Intusiasma’s studio classes offer a modern and holistic approach to exercise and increased wellbeing. From the weekly schedule you can find various body & mind classes, such as Pilates, yoga and other somatic practices. In addition, we offer courses and workshops with various themes. Reserve your place through our digital booker system and see more from class descriptions and events.

Wellness Academy

In Wellness Academy we train aspiring Health Coaches to gain a deeper understanding of holistic wellbeing so that they can instruct and inspire others to a healthier and more vibrant life as well as make a living doing something meaningful. The Academy is for studying practical life enhancing tehcniques and innovative coaching. Our philosophy is based on holistic view, and we examine the way in which all areas of life are tied together, affecting health.

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