Membership basic 12 months, includes yoga and other group classes in larger room of our studio
starting from 59 €/month
Membership plus 12 months, includes also small group classes
139 €/month

Series Tickets

New customer's 3 times introductory offer valid for two weeks
39 €
Drop in (60-90 min.) classes, includes a mat studio 1/small group
20 €/27 €

Bookings for classes regarding both series tickets and monthly memberships are done via our internet booking system. New customer’s introductory offers are for first-timers, and they are for one-time purchase only.

Private Classes

Classes are purchased in advance either at the studio or from our web store. At the studio you can purchase with the most common credit cards, sports and culture vouchers, recreational vouchers, Sporttipassi, Ticket Mind&Body, Tyky payment tools and cash. Prices are valid for the present. All prices include taxes.

There is a 15% discount for students and seniors (web store code: alennusryhmä). Please be prepared to show at the studio a document that entitles for the discount.

The right to changes is reserved.

Examples of alternatives 

When you want to practice regularly and take different yoga and group classes > choose membership. When you want more individual guidance and also take Pilates and other small group classes > choose membership plus (most popular choice). When you want to take your wellness, body and mind to a new level > choose membership and Health Coaching package.