Wellness House Intusiasma is a wellness and coaching center specializing in holistic wellness. Our mission is to inspire towards energetic and vital lifestyle where one’s wellbeing also supports their other life goals and inner aspirations.

Background of name Intusiasma

Company name Intusiasma stems from three international words: intuition (lat. Intuitio – intuitive analysis); enthusiasm (lat. Enthūsiasmus – passion) ja chiasma  (greek Khiasma – crossroads). These terms also reflect our values:  intuitive action where we listen to our heart’s wisdom in addition to theoretical knowledge and cutting edge research; enthusiasm that we feel and share when spreading our message; and crossroads where we combine knowledge and know-how from different fields in order to advance wellbeing in a holistic way.

The word chiasma also refers to the genetic process of chromosomal crossover. Symbolically, it can be interpreted to describe unity and sisterhood and the thought rooted in yoga philosophy that in a certain, spiritual level we are one. We feel well and develop when we are united with others. This is why we wanted to build our own community around the idea of holistic wellness. If these values speak also to you, you are welcome to join us!

Int Health Coach® refers to a holistic and integrative notion of health. In other words, our coaches are professionals and coaches of holistic health and wellbeing. Int Health Coaching is a unique concept that combines knowhow from a wide area, such as functional medicine perspective to nutrition, somatic perspective to exercise as well as principles from solution-focused coaching and positive psychology to motivating and managing our mind. The key in all these perspectives is that coaching can be tailored to meet individual needs at any given situation.