Health Coach Academy

Int Health Coach® Training Program

Our training program consists of cutting edge knowledge from psychology, nutrition, exercise, intuitive listening, habit change and healthy lifestyle.  One year intensive training provides clarity, self confidence and knowhow in order to succeed in practical work as a Health Coach and to change people’s lives for the better. At the moment, we offer integrative Health Coach training program only in Finnish. However, if you are interested in the program please let us know and we can put you in a waiting list. Once we have enough qualified participants it is possible to arrange the training in English.

Content of the Int Health Coach® training program

  1. Holistic health and wellness perspective
  2. Ways of motivating and changing habits
  3. Healing with food
  4. Diet and exercise that support health and vitality
  5. Principles of analyzing movement quality
  6. Impacting wellness by managing thoughts and feelings
  7. Mindfulness and consciousness skills
  8. Coaching skills focusing on lifestyle change
  9. Principles of analyzing movement quality
  10. Packaging and marketing your own expertise
  11. Launching and developing your own coaching business

Once you have met all the requirements of the training and passed final exam, you are entitled to use registered trademark Int Health Coach®.

Benefits of the training:

  • Holistic wellbeing and self-knowledge increase
  • Own goals become clear
  • Ability to instruct and coach individuals who want to change habits
  • Better ability to see the essentials from the flood of information
  • Skills of listening to one’s own body increase
  • Skills of being present and conscious increase
  • Better ability to handle stress
  • Possibility to do meaningful work