Health Coaching

Personal coaching

Individual Health Coaching is for you who desire a travel partner to your own wellness journey. Maybe you want to accomplish a life style change, simply want to have more energy or clarity to your own situation. Invoke a Health Coach – your go-to-professional when it comes to holistic wellbeing – who can help to find sustainable levels of wellness and add life and vitality to your years.

Coaching is always tailored to fit your own needs

You may come to Health Coaching when you desire support for lifting your health or overall energy level but don’t be surprised if you also notice that you sleep better and will be able to focus better. Once you begin regular coaching and are open to look at your current habits with an open mind you will probably notice many of the following common changes:

  • increased level of energy
  • happier mood
  • better sleep
  • calm mind
  • increased level of focus at work
  • finding level of own weight that feels good
  • feeling of balance
  • improved posture and ability to move
  • prevention and relieving of pain
  • clarification of own goals

First session for new clients & members (once a year)
Group coaching sessions In English upon request
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